5 Benefits of Virtual Spaces

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A virtual office provides a business office address without the office space – allowing you to work remotely whilst maintaining a physical presence for your business. It’s a great way to help you keep up professional appearances, whilst you’re out and about building your business. 

There are different benefits for virtual spaces – from remote work to business support and meeting room availability. If you aren’t sure if having a virtual office is right for you, we’ve listed the top 5 benefits of virtual workspaces to help you decide…

1. Create a professional look

Having a virtual workspace can help to make smaller businesses look bigger and more professional. Quite often, it can be quite clear in the street name that a business is registered to your home address. In order to keep your work and home life separate, a virtual workspace provides you with very own telephone number which will be answered by front-of-house staff. In addition to this, you’ll have a dedicated business address where your business post can be delivered to. 

Virtual office spaces give you the opportunity to take advantage of a business address too, you’ll be able to use this on your business letterheads and marketing collateral – allowing you to keep your home address private.

2. Meeting Rooms When You Need Them

As well as being a great place to get together with remote workers or clients, meeting rooms are a great place for productive conversation and brainstorming to happen. With many meeting rooms, you’ll have access to the internet, large TV screen and projectors to aid the conversations and presentations – helping you to get the most from your meetings. This can be more practical than simply meeting in a coffee shop and can also be far more professional, leaving your client with a great impression of your business. 

In addition to this, you’ll get all kinds of added amenities which will make a great impression and reflect well on your company as a whole. This can be as simple as having staff on hand who can lead people to your meeting rooms on your behalf, or having unlimited coffee and tea to offer your clients when they stop by for a meeting.

All you’ll need to do is pre-book a meeting room and one the front-of-house staff will professionally meet, greet and support you throughout your visit.

3. Money-Saving

When you’re spending the majority of your time out on the road at meetings, generating new business or networking, there simply isn’t a need for physical office space – it would remain unoccupied most of the time and be a drain on company finances.

A virtual office is so much more cost-effective than a traditional physical office – and is great for start-up companies or freelancers alike. They allow you to keep business expenses low by reducing major costs such as office equipment, maintenance and utilities. This monetary saving allows you to invest more in your business.

4. Increase Satisfaction and Productivity

If you’re part of a larger team, virtual office solutions can be fantastic at increasing employee satisfaction because they give employees the chance to work from home, save money on the commute by cutting it out completely and ultimately providing a flexible work-life balance. At the same time, you still have all the benefits of a space for monthly/quarterly meetings, to keep relationships between staff strong. 

Factors such as these are known to decrease employee turnover which is inevitably what all companies strive for. Such flexible working environments are known for being hyper relaxed, thus, increasing productivity and efficiency.

5. No Long Term Commitments

Most virtual offices run on a monthly or ad hoc basis – which is great for startups or smaller companies who aren’t ready to commit to any long-term agreements. There are no long-term rent contracts as there is for physical office space. This reduces risk as you simply use and pay for the virtual office address for as long or little as you need.

If you’re a remote worker looking for a desk for the day or looking to book a meeting room we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest news, updates and insights into life at Bloxham Mill!

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