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Traditional business culture has taken a significant shift over the past few years in a bid to reduce costs and improve innovation and creativity. As a result, we’ve seen many businesses opt for coworking environments and serviced office spaces over traditional office lease/purchases. Research conducted in early 2019 found that the number of coworking space

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Renting commercial premises for the first time is a huge step for any company, largely due to the hefty financial commitment it can bring. But, for the majority of us business owners, securing premises to work from is non-negotiable; whether it be an office, workshop or storage facility, they will all require you to sign

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Your address means a lot to your business. It’s not just a physical space from where you operate. Your choice of office not just affects your day-to-day operations, it is incredibly important in conveying a good impression to clients. Whether you are running a startup or midsize company, all businesses need dedicated, modern, flexible office

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    Bloxham Mill Business Centre is a privately owned enterprise that for over a decade has been serving the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) community of North Oxfordshire and acting as a central satellite location for many national businesses.
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