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Whether your place of work is an open-plan office, cubicle, home office, or a co-working space, it should always be inspiring, helping you to focus, stay motivated and ensure that you are ready for the day ahead, no matter what. It can also have a huge impact on  the company image, both in the eyes of your clients and new potential employees alike. 

So, if you find yourself dreading sitting in a dull office, at your plain desk, here are some simple changes to help you ‘own’ and appreciate your working environment… 

Dress up your line of sight

What you first see when you walk into your workspace can have a big impact on the way that you feel. The space above and around your desk or computer is  in your line of vision throughout the entire working day, so do what you can to make it inspiring and calming.

A desk plant is a great option – not only do they look nice, but they also help to cleanse the air around you. You could also opt for a family photo, trendy desk accessories, or a visually engaging calendar.

It’s important not to overdo the area though, you’ll want to make sure your working environment is  clean and clear. A cluttered and messy space can inhibit creativity and productivity.

Motivate Yourself with Visual Inspiration

Along with having something within your immediate space, having motivational items around the office is another great way to inspire employees as a whole. Affirmational and inspirational  prints are becoming more and more common in workspaces.

Gratitude walls are also becoming increasingly popular in the workplace – an area where people can share ‘thank yous’ or positive notes to one another to help with recognition and make employees feel more valued, not just by their employer, but by their peers too. This is really simple to implement. It can be as easy as providing a stack of post-it notes and a clear space on a wall – simply encourage employees to leave notes of gratitude and watch the wall build-up. 

Another way to create visual inspiration is to take written comms and put them on display. This works particularly well for things like company values. You could enlist the help of a graphic designer or artworker to create a beautiful, eye catching piece that you can display on the walls, which incorporates your key messages. 

PlayMoreGolf at Bloxham Mill Business Centre

It is really important to create an environment that lifts the spirit and moral, rather than drains energy and enthusiasm. This could be through words, or rewards, or by simply having a ‘fun’ and welcoming working environment set-up. 

Vision boards are a great idea too. This is a place where you write  down anything you’re working on, how you will get there and by when. You can also use it to keep your key goals and objectives front of mind. It will really bring your to-do list to life and can be used in creative sessions amongst colleagues.

Express Confidence in Your Workforce

Expressing confidence in your employees or peers can allow them to become more independent and help  them to reach their full potential. It can also allow them to become autonomous as they feel more confident about taking ownership of projects and being creative within them.  Confident employees are more likely to try new behaviors and approaches, which breeds creativity and more success.

A great way to express confidence in your workforce is to create decision-making opportunities for them, this will demonstrate your faith and trust in their judgment. Another way is to celebrate mistakes. We all know that mistakes happen, to all of us. If mistakes arise, employees lacking in confidence will take the smallest mistake and use it to affirm feelings of inadequacy. It’s important that you offer them support throughout the process, helping them to overcome the mistake and learn from it. Making mistakes and learning from them helps you develop your staff, giving you a stronger overall workforce.  

Offer Feedback That Emphasises The Positive

The way in which feedback is offered can be enormously inspirational too. One way to do this is by providing employees with constructive feedback in areas where they’re not performing up to expectations. It’s important to frame any negative criticism in a way that focuses on their strengths and demonstrates your belief in their ability to approve. This can provide them with the inspiration to move out of their immediate comfort zone, allowing them to explore new and exciting things. 

Bloxham Mill Business Centre is a great place to nurture inspiration – if you’re looking for a fully serviced office, meeting room or hotdesk, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help. You can:

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