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This month we have been working with Chris Dyckes, the founder of Avatar Recruitment, as part of our Client Showcase. Chris delivered an interactive presentation, which gave insight into her experience in recruitment as well as providing an e-book with a plethora of tips to help avoid some of the costly pitfalls. 

At the reception on 25th February, Chris’ talk was well-received from a very engaged,  audience and Chris’ top tips provided many important talking points which further fuelled the conversations. 

The main takeaway from the presentation was the importance of personality profiling. As well as focusing on recruiting staff that are equipped and experienced enough to handle the role, it’s also crucial that they fit into the company culture. As a team, you want to create a collaborative culture with good working relationships, if clashes arise this can impact the overall satisfaction and productivity of the wider team. 

Personality profiling allows you to determine personality type which will tell you things like how the candidate performs under pressure and how they prefer to work (collaboratively or independently). For more information on this, download the free e-book here.

“Chris gave some good insights into how personality profiling can be used to help ensure you recruit someone who is an effective fit with your team.’ Peter Everett – Fat Panda First Aid Training”

Peter Everett

Fat Panda – Fat Panda First Aid Training

For those who didn’t get the opportunity to attend the session – the e-book is available as a free download here and contains 10 valuable insights on SME recruitment – which will ensure you don’t fall into the most common pitfalls and make recruitment errors which can be both time consuming and costly. The e-book will help you ensure you’re recruiting effectively, reducing mistakes along the way. 

Next month, the client spotlight turns to Tricia and Aileen of Fat Panda First Aid Training Ltd. They will be telling us all about their first aid mental health courses, along with demonstrating the benefits these training courses can have on businesses. Sounds interesting? Be sure to keep an eye out for details around our next event…  

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